Friday, April 2, 2010

Is it over yet?

...and the answer is yes, Carol you can go home but only after you fulfill your blog obligation.

 I am still snickering about last night's Survivor.  Not so much the show, which was good, as was the wonderful dinner, but about afterwards.  We were watching a PBS profile of another neighbor that is a CC English professor and a author/poet, ok I'll tell you his name....... Dave Mason, not this Dave Mason, who played with Traffic in the "60'-70's and you may remember, "Feeling Alright"and "We just Disagree", that is if yer OLD, OLD and grumpy like moi.   He wrote a book about the Ludlow Massacre, which I am not gonna get into now but your welcome to click on the name for a link.  Anyway it's one of those historical events that Colorado still bleeds over.  The government may very well want to forget all about it since the ever powerful government and the big money that controlled it now, and then, killed innocent miners and their families. ( I know, I wasn't gonna get into it. ) Dave mentioned in the interview that the book was all written in poetry form.  So Denise starts laughing cause she's trying to envision a book of rhyming words about a horrific slaughter.
I started laughing because of what Denise was thinking.  Then I reminded her about prose, the non rhyming verse poetry. Anyway I could have, and have laughed the entire day and so here goes a few lines about Ludlow by me.

The innocents in tents, the approaching National Guard,
Meager wages, in the coal mines, they strike,
The bully government their reputation marred,
They staged their gun battle at first light.

I can't get too cheesy with the rhymes, cause you know, people died.

OK now a haiku:

Power to gun down,
The women and children hid
Bullets through the tents

I am not making light of the history.  Just writing poetry.  The rhyming kind,or haiku kind.

Here's a funny haiku I scoped out on List of the Day:
It was on a list of bathroom wall art.

Okay not to change the subject but I've seen this photo before and when I was searching for the haiku, I laughed nearly as hard as last night, so here it is.   A major WTF.

I know what a range of emotions I have put you through so far.

Today I worked my ass off.  Here's a sampling of a piece of my ass off.

Oh to be a young hippie flying a kite once again.

And I won't forget the Green Car Convoy:

This is an electric car, goes 25 mph top speed and fits 4.  It's a large golf cart basically and cannot be driven on the road.  There were also Prius and the like.
I know I am such a rock star photog.

Well I cannot bore you any more.  Have a good weekend and lets connect soon  C.

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