Saturday, April 3, 2010

Subtle Butt, Two-Buck Chuck

.......see I am getting in to this poetry phase.

First off.  Subtle Butt.  You have no fucking clue do you?

KJ called me last night.  During the conversation she lost oxygen to her brain I am sure of it.  She was laughing so hard she couldn't breathe or talk.  I asked if I should call 911. She finally was able to tell me of a product she found in the Solutions Catalog.  She was browsing the through the catalog and she noticed a charcoal filter pad you put in underware that would mask the odors of ass gas.   It was called Subtle Butt, and this is a product shot from the catalog:

Anyhow she was so fascinated she ordered a package for her Dad's birthday.  Well, she said her Dad's responsible, at least in part, for her own constant build up of gas, and has his own problems.  We laughed cause it probably enhances the sound or the fart so it's not like you could be sitting a work and farting without attention, so not so subtle. Her only regret is she only ordered one package.  Anyway in the description of the product, it said it works fine with thongs, just so you know.

I am finally finished with the case of Two-Buck Chuck that Denise and Noel got me during their Trader Joe's run to Santa Fe.( Not counting the three bottles of white that I won't drink, but I'll serve to some drunkin' guest.)  I thought every variety of red they bought was fabulous that's why I resemble this motivational poster:

 Yeah and I ain't no bag lady either, mainly due to a string of good luck lately. So I am off to the liquor store for first time in a very long while.  I'll probably have to spend big money too, like $6.99 for yellow tail Shiraz, maybe I'll splurge on the Lindemann's.  That's living big.    Cheers, C.


  1. I pulled that poster off List Of The Day last week with every intention of posting it on FB. We LOVE 2BC! Hubby brought a case home from Cali. Now, whenever a Missouri relative member crosses the state line we make them bring us a case. Good, good stuff. Award winning, even. Cheers!

  2. Samsmama,
    I hear you. I even had the Pinot Gregio tonight cause I failed to make it to the liquor store...Even that was good. So we have good taste and we're not pompous either. C.

  3. Love the subtle butt...haha...


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