Tuesday, April 6, 2010

pig beating and politics

Hope you had a good Easter. Whether you celebrate the Easter bunny or the rising of JC or just a family gathering, it's all good. For me I always feel the renewal of life in the Spring.  The green popping up in the gardens, the late afternoon sun glowing well past seven, the sounds of baseball, the fucking aphids clustered on my indoor trees. I cannot wait till fifty degree nights and they will all be booted out the door.  That typically will not come until mid-late May.  Better hurry this year before the calm of Spring is overwhelmed by the grinding of my nerves.

Anyway yesterday I photographed a couple of pigs from a local community farm, penned by the highway for purposes of rooting up the soil (digging) and fertilization (shitting).  Last week they were beaten with metal posts from their pen, injuring both the pigs badly.  Then a few days ago the smaller pig was tied up and injured again.  It doesn't take a whole lot of intelligence to figure out moving the pigs out of sight of the highway might be the best solution.  I know who does shit like this?  You and I know there's evil folks among us and I suspect it some fucked up teens that think pig beating is funny.  Karma, karma, karma boys.  It's sure fire.

Well I cannot win.  I don't think this has anything to do with Karma, but the powers that be.  The good ole type. No matter what I shoot, how important it is, how good the frame is, my photos seem to make it either the size of a postage stamp down-page or black and white smallish. Admittedly, sometimes deservingly so.  I guess a photo of a furnace being hauled into a house trumps a homecoming of a National Guard unit. 

Don't mean to sound bitter, just telling you how I see it.

Conversations with my daughter Maggie (13)

M:  Mom, Did I get your nose?
Me: Yeah, sorry about that.
M:  That's ok I kinda like it.
Me:  That's kinda sweet.

M: Mom, What's a cunt?
Me (spitting out whatever I was eating/drinking), Let me think a minute how to answer............
Me: Well it's derogatory slang for a vagina,   I think it's also a name reserved only for females that commit moral atrocities, usually against other females.  Some think this is the vilest word in the English language.  Whatever you do, do not sling this word around carelessly, and NEVER in school.  (she doesn't cuss at all and would never in school anyhow, but by saying this I wanted to emphasize that ).  

Well I hope Karma is good to you, and remember don't sling vile words around unless you mean it and never in school...xxoo, C.

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