Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Where's Spring?

Today I woke to 6 inches of the heavy-wet tree-killing kinda snow you get in the Spring when your supposed to be enjoying 50-60 degree weather. ugh.  I know we need the moisture.  Thats the catch phrase out here in Colorado when anyone goes to complain about rain or snow.

Excuse me my coffee's done.  I'll be back.

Ok. I know a little late for the first cup, however I have not had half and half for three or so days and since I didn't have to go to work this morning, I graced Safeway with my unkept presence.  (I did put on pants today.)  I am feeling a little smug after using a dollar off cat food coupon meant for the higher price fancy feast elegant entrees. Take that Safeway and Fancy Feast.  Speaking of the cat, she's lounging somewhere because she's as sick of the snow as I am and has now designated herself a literal fair weather cat.  She's such a lazy bitch, not really a bitch cause that's a dog.  But while I was shoveling snow and she was watching me from her warm perch on the back of a chair, if she could, I bet she'd be filing her nails.  Good thing I got coffee.

American Idol-
  Wow such a contrast in talent last night. My favorites are still the hippie girl Crystal, the rocker hippie, Casey, the alt rocker, Lew, fresh faced kid, I forget his name, and the toothy big-noter, Shibon.  Anyway some of the others I actually felt sorry for they just tanked.

I read another book I'd like to mention, Gap Creek by Robert Morgan.

Yeah I know I usually don't go for Oprah's picks but this was given to me by a friend to read on my NY trip and I gotta say it was a great traveling companion.  The story focuses on Julie, one of five children growing up in the poor Appalachian region of southwestern North Carolina.  Tragedy after tragedy ensues (why Oprah picked it) and these tough as nails folks just persevere. The girl works like an ox for her family.  Matter of fact, I think she was her family's ox. The real journey begins after Julie gets married and leaves home to Gap Creek. You name it, fire, flood, starvation and a cantankerous mother-in-law are all part of their lives.  I was always hoping for these people to catch a break.  Anyway the author speaks from the heart in a gritty, poetic way.  It's a page burner and took me a round-trip plane ride to finish it off.  Good Read.

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