Saturday, March 27, 2010

Robotics overload and pants on the ground

Where was I?.....that's a good question.  Where do I begin?, another question., How ta fuck are ya?.  I know it's not polite to drop a f-bomb right off the bat, but I have been surrounded by high school robotics kids, hundreds of them, plus their teacher's, mom's, dad's, mentors and I've been on my very best behavior and I need the release.  Two days straight, oh, they are all nice enough ..ok I feel better. But let me start at the beginning, which would be Thursday morning with a drive to Denver, about an hour plus north to the Museum of Natural History.

The Body Worlds Exhibit came back around town.  I guess it's a little different concentrating on the heart this time.  The tickets were pricey but I thought, this is our Spring break.  Anyway, first we walked around a gem exhibit. If not for the preschoolers running underfoot and screaming I would have really enjoyed this.  OK, what do preschoolers need to know about minerals and gems?  They can't even fucking read the little notes on them.  I know they are starting to learn.  I get it.  Just wish people would control their toddlers, is that too much to ask?

After that we went in to the IMAX show called Hubble, yeah, about the Hubble telescope.  This was awesome.  It said it would answer life's questions like what's beyond the edge of the universe? and what's the meaning of life?, these questions were not answered.  I would definitely let you in on information  if I found out that.

  It did show real footage of the repair work done on the telescope by astronauts this past Spring.  It was pretty amazing.  Then it showed images of stars and galaxies trillions of light years away that the updated telescope was able to see.  It even showed what the stars in Orion's belt looked like.  It said it went to the edge of the Universe but I think they were just saying the stars and such were farther away than they've ever seen.

After that we went through the BodyWorlds exhibit.  Using preserved cadavers, some using plastic along with real bones and tendons, the inside of the body was shown in various positions.  Athletes striking a pose typically.  Like this:

Nothing was left to the imagination. After ten of these, I loss my interest for the other twenty er so.  They also had cabinets full of various body parts, healthy, diseased, fat and such. You name the organ they had a case full of them.  We all felt the same, it was interesting however, redundant. It was very Euro art,  billions made off of donated cadavers.  They took this one off the tour, I guess there were too many complaints:

Thanks Gunther Von Hagen, this is real informative art.  I am sure the school kids would have gotten a kick out of it.

Ok after that we came out to my car and the battery was DEAD.   I thought the same thing, bad karma for swearing under my breath all day at little kids.  However, I have these really long jumper cables and a nice guy in a pickup gave us a jump.  When we got back to our hotel I discovered I hit the parking light switch when I wiped down the dash.

Ok the rest of the trip went like this: got up, went to robotics,walked to eat out at lunch, more robotics than went back to the hotel, walked to go eat dinner, back to the hotel to watch Discovery Channel, like shipwreck salvage and Bermuta Triangle mysteries. Went to bed about ten and did that over.  There was no bar in the hotel to go hang out with plus we were staying in the same place as the team and teachers and really didn't want to get an undeserved reputation...we should have gotten a hold of Denver friends but we didn't cause we didn't know what to expect.

Bub's team wore bright green shirts and hats, on left.  Their team name was 2945 BANG!.  The robots were controlled by joy sticks and computers.  The whole idea was to score goals by the robots pushing or kicking the balls into the goals.

I know you're dying to see what my son looked like.  That's him walking on the left, on to the playing field. A couple girls on the team knitted them all hats.  I thought they were CUTE.  The team ended up in the quarterfinals, then the semis and ended up in 7th place out of 42 teams way to go BANG.

OK this is what I don't get.  Can this fashion folly go away PLEASE?

You know what I am talking about.  Jeans belted way low with sagging crotch, typically boxers hanging out at top.  And to think they actually think this looks good?   I know that's what they were saying about my generation, about what?  bellbottoms? mall hair?  More on my cut-line faux-pas on photos I sent to the paper, tomorrow.  Sorry I was long-winded.  Off to John Russel's 50th b-day party.  So there should be good stories on that as well.   XXO,  C.

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