Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Monday

Well, well, not a bad weekend.  Just not an exciting one.  The kids and I holed-up in the house Friday night while it was wintery out. Didn't warm up Sat., but the sun came out, but we didn't.  Thats a lie.  I actually went to Safeway in my pajamas. Yeah I know, I always say, nothing says I give-up like wearing sweatpants to an event.  Well nothing says, I don't give a shit like going to the store with pajama pants on.  It was in fact, necessary.  A scramble to get an i-tunes gift card for a party Bryce went to.  Anyway don't cha love the gift card at the grocery store convenience?

Went over to the Jones' for a very nice dinner with neighbors that evening. Wonderful wine and food. Played a little guitar and met Chris' friend's kid and her boyfriend. Maybe was her husband, well forgive me, I didn't take notes.

Mags and I wildly cleaned the upstairs of our house Sun., the reward was a bowl of French Onion soup from LaBaguette.  I can confidently say this is the BEST french onion I have ever had. OMG, the best.  We licked our bowls clean.  She even ate my bread crumbs off the table.  If you live here or plan on visiting get a hold of me and I'll give you directions.

West Colorado Ave, location is my favorite.  Remember, the west side is the best side.

After eating this soup I went home and took a three, yes, a three hour nap.  Now I wonder if Mags called ahead and asked for a sedative for mine?

Speaking of Mags, I checked her facebook page, part of the deal.  Under favorite movies: Bad Santa, under religion: atheist.  No agnostic, she just cut right to an unbeliever.  I get the Bad Santa ("Want some sandwiches? God damn it kid what are you fuckin with me?", How do you not love that movie?).  She is a good person and that's what counts, isn't it? 

I only have to work two days this week and then I am gonna have me a little Spring break.  Just going up to Denver to to see Bubba's BEST robotics competition.  In the off-time we will go to the Museum of Natural History to see the Body Works exhibition, (click to see what's up.)  I'll add more before I go.......C.

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