Friday, March 12, 2010

Ron, Mayberry RFD, the rooster and the horse rescue

Last night we went over to the Plush's for Survivor.  Anyway it was Ron's birthday Tuesday and they went ahead and celebrated it without us but that didn't stop us from presenting him with gifts he could not live without.

 Denise and Noel game him beer and a beer stein.  I think after Charlotte, Ron loves beer the most, well maybe after turkey, the wild kind.
Anyway, not to be out done, The Guinta's gave him an Irish coffee mug with a Irish prayer on it and a rooster cause now every year I gotta find some sort of rooster after giving him a huge concrete painted one last year.  I know, I give good gifts.

He loved it.

John had made a couple of posters before heading up to the mts to ski.  Here's my fave:

His kids didn't even know who Barney Fife was. (they are in their early 20's) They gotta start putting that shit in history books so the legend lives on.

Survivor is doing this Heros and Villians theme this season.  Same old.  It's interesting although a bit predictable.  I like some of the villians better than the heros and the heros keep loosing.

This morning I was giving Mags a ride to school and a co-worker calls to say a horse is stuck in the mud on a farm down south.  Luckily I was dressed for work and not in my PJ's. This was a major rescue operation.  They saved the draft horse named Sky.

This wasn't mud this was manure and mud.

Hoisting the beast to safety with a tow truck.

They game him some oxygen.  He wanted to eat the nose piece.

Washing him off.  He's gonna be okay, yay.  I had met this horse and it's owners on a draft horse project I shot a few years back.  What are the chances I had met this horse before when I don't regularly meet horses?  I cannot fathom.
Have a good weekend.  And whatever you do stay out of the shit hole, so to speak. C.

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  1. Carol - wow - can I get your name and permission to use these photos in our TLAER presentations?



    Dr. Rebecca Gimenez


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