Monday, March 15, 2010

Movie Reviews and so much more........

Hi friends and neighbors,  Hope you all had a good weekend.  Didn't do too much, besides walk around a RV show in a wind driven blizzard.  I know at least I can walk, and for that I am grateful.

I am writing to you from my Mac, yes it's back.  I am loving life.

I also watched two movies this weekend, "Up" and "Homegrown", and I saw "Alice in Wonderland" at the movies today.  Let me say for all the differences in these movies they all have the same message, which is: if you answer true to yourself and truly know yourself, and fight for your cause, you can find your purpose and then happiness.

First up is UP.....

I guess I  have been living under a rock and didn't realize this was an animated movie.  It was cute and heart warming but some of the story-line got messy in the middle with talking dogs and all.  I loved, loved, loved the old timey movie art.  I'd rate this Pixar gem a B.

Homegrown (1998)

Homegrown starred one of my favorite actors Billy Bob Thorton.  But he wasn't funny. Even he and Hank Azaria, who I also enjoy,  could not save this pot-growing thriller. Yes, a paranoia thriller. Had more holes than a bong screen.  And quite the ensemble cast, although most in strange cameo roles:  John Lithgow as a dead guy, Judge Rienhold, as a sheriff on screen for less than one minute, Jamie Lee Curtis, just plain awful, Ryan Phillipe, was nice to look at naked, Ted Danson, really, a mobster? and Jon Bon Jovi , I know WTF, an unlikely pot dealer, I guess if yer hanging around the house in a coma and want to relive the pot days, then watch it.  Just don't pay money.

Alice and Wonderland 3D

Well done Disney.  Great casting (except Ann Hathaway, she'd been better off as one of the horses).  Good blend of animation and real characters, albeit some distorted.  Johnny Depp was just right creepy as the Mad Hatter, (too creepy as Willie Wonka).  You know the story, but this ain't it.  It's a mix of Lewis Carroll's  original Alice, Through the Looking Glass and Tim Burton's imagination.  Anyway a big recommend on the big screen, in 3D A+.

I know, so now I'm a flipping movie critic.  Well maybe I am if I think I am.  Just like in the movies.

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  1. Can't wait to see "Alice"...hope I can catch it at the theater, but I can't. Another friend gave a high recommend to "Up" also...


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