Thursday, March 11, 2010

Notables about my life

Ok Here's the deal, Bev from Out of my Head ... into yours has given me an award. 

I think.  That's because I am pretty stupid when it comes to these things, but all's anyone can ask from me or anyone else for that matter, is to do the absolute best we can.  So with that in mind, here goes:

The rules:
List seven interesting things about myself and then pass them along to seven others.

1. In college and early adult years I was a Dead Head.  In total I saw 34 Dead shows, including those on an east coast tour when I told my college professors I'd be away because my Grandmother had died.  When I got back one of them asked me if she was gratefully dead.  I was suppose to go Dec.1 '96, but I went into labor with my son.  Jerry died that May.

 2.  My Dad was giving me and a friend a ride home from college.  There was a cute hitchhiker that I demanded my father to pick-up.  Something like "Pull over dad that guy looks cold"  Anyway, after he got in the car I preceded to open up beers all around.  I can't remember what my Dad said.  He probably just shook his head. (This story is still told today, matter of fact just a few days ago when I was there to surprise the same friend for her 50th b-day.)

3.  A friend, the same friend with the hitch hiker,and I talked our way into the pits at a Walkins Glen race where Paul Newman was in a beer tent.

4. I've climbed 12 of Colorado's 52 fourteeners.  Quit when I had kids.  Maybe I'll start up again.

5. I photographed Bill Clinton and Pope John Paul together when they were in Denver for World Youth Day several years back.  People always ask who is the most famous person you've photographed.  

6.  The police showed up at our honeymoon suite at the Marriott.  Somehow the party at our reception ended up there.  Someone even smuggled our dog up the elevator wrapped in a blanket like a baby.

7. I have been watching Survivor with the same group since the second season.  We even meet when Survivor's not on cause we all look forward to it.  Is that interesting enough ?, at the risk of being strange I'll add on a 7 1/2 

7.5  I've been interested in numerology for years now.  I was born on 11/11..Veteran's Day, my closest sister 1/1 New Years and married 5/5 Cinco de Mayo (without realizing it at the time)

My kids birthday's 12/1/94.....       12=1=13 and 9=4=13
and 11/4/96  ......                              11+4=15 and 9+6=15  
I know I have too much time on my hands.

OK here's the part where you all help me out, please send a link with your seven interesting qualities or stories.  Link them from facebook notes, blog or my comments.  You can do it.  I've bared my soul for you; help me out. Love, that's right I love you all, Carol


  1. Awesome seven, Carol! I really loved reading them. You are an interesting chick, but I already knew that. ;)

    Btw, no wonder we get along - my husband is a die-hard Dead Head! I saw the Dead with Jerry only once, at Highgate, VT in June of '95.

  2. Thanks Bev, I think yer the funniest,coolest blogger chick evah.


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