Monday, March 29, 2010

hmmmmm.......another annoying Monday

Hey sports fans, race fans, or whatever kind of fans,what gives?

Saturday night at the Russel's was worthy of mention.  It was a party for four guys that turned 50 either this  past weekend or in John's case today, Happy Birthday John.  Anyway there was also a woman there that turned 44 on Saturday and she was a riot.  I sure hope someone sends me some of the pictures with her wearing depends in various places and with the toilet lid light she was wearing on her cleavage.  So it was the birthday folks, some of their significant other's, and the fantastic neighbors, that we are included among, at this momentous event.  Thanks for the good time.  G2 managed to get out of bed and go snowmobiling Sunday 7:30 AM.  I was tempted but apparently more tempted by sleeping in.  It felt good to be home, in my own bed with my cat making all sorts of racket when I didn't arise at her beck and call.

 Sunday I had the laziest day felt so good.  The most I worked was making the beds, putting a few loads of laundry through and using my thumb to depress the TV remote.

The Annoying Part.

Okay after thinking, not deeply but clearly, I'll bite my tongue on this a bit.  The web is a far reaching source of information, good and bad, and it can come back and bite you and me.  I'll just say I am annoyed at people who have no sense of the term humble.  Inflated ego.   That said, I am also annoyed at work for telling me to go ahead and send those robotics photos when they had no intention of ever running them.  Yeah, they didn't tell me to shoot them.  My idea.  So they had the option to use them if they have space or not. Understood.  I am still annoyed.
 'Nuff said.

Don't be sad.  I am not.  I'm a realist, plus I'm humble.

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