Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Aftermath

When I got back into town Monday and I flew into the Springs I felt so lucky to be living here.  Even though the skies were overcast, it was so beautiful.  Our airport is so clean and the people don't glare at you like they'd like to rip out your heart and eat it, like they did in Chicago. 

Monday night we had a dinner mostly to honor a longtime editor that undeservingly got the axe last layoff.  I know, when does anyone ever deserve to be laid off?  This guy was beloved and worked his ass off for nearly thirty years for our paper so what did they do for him? yep boot 'em in the ass, right out da door.

There were about 15 er so of us phototgrapher types, some from earlier layoffs,some that just left and the rest survivors.  It was a fun time catching up, had a few beers,blah,blah blah.  Well as I was rounding the corner out of the room to use the restroom, somehow my heel went under the hem in my jeans I next thing I know is I am sprawled out on the ground kinda halfway in the hall but in full view of most of the table.  Everyone laughed wildly and I was embarrassed, but I wasn't hurt besides my bruised ego and a sore elbow.  I coulda broke a hip, that would have been embarrassing. 

I got stuck with the real estate section and to be truthfull, and fair, it was my turn.  It entails driving around all the neighborhoods in the Springs and photographing one median priced house in the area.  I preplotted my routes and Tuesday hit it for the third day of this shit.  I got it down. I pull up right in front snap the picture, look to see if it's sharp, if yes, get back and go.  I've only been asked three times what I was doing.  One of the last houses Tuesday a girl was looking out the window and she asked me why was I photographing their house so I was yelling the answer case she was inside and I thought to myself I am never doing this after three o'clock again.  Too many kids looking out the window.  Maybe I shoulda been thinking I need a new job but I really don't mind it.

I watched American Idol last night and I am really liking Crystal Bowersox.. she brought out the electric guitar for a performance of Tracy Chapman's "Give Me One Reason." IMHO she's the number one talent of the girls.

This morning a few of us that were at the photo dept. dinner met for a short hike at Red Rock Canyon.  Went about 3 miles and it was fun and now my legs are a bit sore since I haven't been on the treadmill.  I went to my guitar lesson after but he wan't expecting me cause I didn't know what day it was when I asked to reschdule for later and he was rather short with me.  That's all for now I am exhusted. C.

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