Friday, March 19, 2010

Bitchslap and sadness

Yesterday I went on an assignment to photograph a guy who was hit by a car when he was returning from a convenience store with a friend,who was also hit.  It was a hit and run with the cops saying there's little or nothing that can be done to find the driver with no witnesses.  The guys had been drinking, and reportedly not in a crosswalk.  They cannot work and have a stack of bills as a consequence on no health insurance. I do have some pitty, however, I lost some of that sympathy when I  entered the house and the cigarette smoke was so thick I could  hardly see the squalor.  In his defense, both of his legs were broken during the accident. No excuse.  That's where the bitchslap comes in.

Hence the after work shower.

Earlier I was at the zoo for a new gate opening.  I also went on the chairlift ride to see if I could get some overheads for a co-worker who is doing illustrations that use a technique to make the elements in photos look like they are toys.  I tried a few.

Anyway I think a more severe angle would have helped.

Today I hit the road early to get some weather features.  Not many were out in the sleet and snow.  Ended up with a few inches of snow, the streets stayed wet most of the day, but I am sure they iced up quick at night.  Hello Spring, get here quick!, like tomorrow.

They even cancelled school.  I was happy about that because I was wondering, "how to hell am I going to get two kids to two different schools at the same time?".  School cancelled , so no problem.  G2 left very early to go snowmobiling up north of Glenwood Springs, the Flattops.  I felt like a sailor's wife watching as his ship sailed into stormy seas.  He probably did drive into some snow but nothing he couldn't handle.

Sometimes I am on an assignment and I feel like breaking down and crying like a baby.  Today I did when I went on an assignment to photograph a husband and wife who lost their 10 year old son, his Grandparents and Aunt, last March in a car accident .  They were crying and talking all about his likes and their hopes and now he's gone and they still can't look past it.  I'd be the same.  I could never get over that loss.

I was so upset I couldn't even get a good composition. Donations of guitars have been made to the school and also an arts scholarship in his name, so his memory will live on. RIP Christopher.

Please enjoy your family and friends this weekend. Give 'em lots of hugs too.

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