Tuesday, February 23, 2010

photos from the past

Well I can say I am tiring of the Olympic games.  I will stay tuned though for the women's skating.  The U.S. champion is from my very own fair city of CO Springs,CO.  Rachel Flatts.  Go Rachel.

Yesterday a guy from the utilities showed up at the house while I was home for lunch.  Cute guy, I thought.  He said he wanted to look at our utility pole in the backyard because there's a good chance it needs to be replaced.  I said, "ok lets take a look", I pointed at the pond and said," don't step  there, it's a pond there's a trail right there."  So what did he do?, he turned and stepped right through the ice up to his knee.  Well, he said sorry and I was thinking stupid cute baffoon.  He wasn't hurt, which was good. He came back 10 minutes later and had lost his sunglasses, which we searched for through the snow for 10 minutes before finding them. I thought, someone's having a rough day.

Later on I was talking to G2 and he said too bad cause the guy probably killed all the fish when he broke though the ice.  I guess the change in the pressure and the repercussions are enough to annihilate fish in a small area.  So now I am thinking, way to go dumb ass.  I am hoping against the odds the fish are around come Spring.  Actually I am saying a prayer for them, you may if you'd like.  Dumb fuck, not you, the cute utility baffoon.

The Wellbutrin made me a little edgy-speedy this morning.  You know crawling scalp.  I'll give it one more day before I call in. Just hope I don't have a panic attack.  Other than that I stepped up the treadmill to an hour a day.  What I am boring you?  Well here's a series of photos from the past, some of these I reconized, some,not. I'll split it up into two days:

I guess she was hot. Even with camel toe.

The fab....three

Fun with guns

He looks emo scarey
 at least she's under 200 lbs.

Better days


who are they,just kiddin

Who knew?

Cuban revolution in the works

forever young, not.

Who cut his hair with yard shears?

Would have never guessed.

The king

his father looks like Martin Sheen.

Looks more like David Bowie and his mom

Odd couple.

looks like he's carrying around her head.

getting pussy.

hey you got a bug on yer head.

more tomorrow..C.

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  1. You said "hot...even with camel toe"...as if camel toe were a bad thing. :-)


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