Friday, February 19, 2010

Can't get enough

...of those Olympic games.  Just the Winter ones.  What can I say, I was born in Lake Placid, NY, so just by shear birthplace I got it in my blood.  You have to do something in the snow and ice since it's on the ground from Nov. through May.  We used to flood our front lawn and skate on the ice, much to the chagrin of the mailman.  But enough about me.
    There's been a few highlights, Apolo Yoko Ohno lucked out when two Korean skaters took each other out.  I am not saying he's not talented, he very much so is.  I am saying without the fall, he would have not medaled.  He probably will pick up a few more, howevah.
  Very happy for women downhillers Vonn and Mancusco and so very proud of the mogul skiiers Hannah Kearney and Shannon Bahrke, gold and bronze respectively. Man they can move.

Way to go Bode Miller for getting yourself out of the bars and back into medal contention.  Just like every sport needs their playboy sex kitten they also need a bad boy with a comeback story.  Bronze in the Downhill and silver in the Super G....

Also worth mentioning,

Evan Lysacek upset Plushencho for the gold.  All the other men skaters looked like boys compared to him and his towering stature and five o'clock shadow. 

Jonny Weir wore a bustier the first night and a crown of roses the second.  The no-holds barred gay guy likes his flambouant costumes and he backs up his performance with some great skating.  Now if he can out run PETA supporters.

Did you see Sean White a few nights ago?  Man can that guy fly, what an athlete.  He already had the gold medal but still did a phenominal run to outscore himself.  What a guy.....

 Here's some meat........

I went and got some happy pills from the Dr.Thursday.  Wellbutrin.  The same stuff prescribed for quitting smoking.  I can't say I feel better since I have only taken them for two days.  But I feel better cause I took care of it.  Don't worry I won't become a slave to the chemicals.

Doesn't that sound good?  A caribbean beach..mmmm...BTW I've been at 15 followers for a few weeks now.  So if you read this and you like it, or not, start following.  Maybe I wouldn't need the happy pills.
Well I'm pretty spent.  We went to pick up our son from robotics and this one mom was there and sweet Jesus, she just went on and on about her kids and competitive soccer and who plays in the fucking band and how this one can do that ect...  I just smiled, shook my head yes,and was very congenial but I could see G2 ready to scream out "Lady I don't give a shit'


  1. I haven't watched a single minute of the Olympics but am somehow fully aware of Johnny Weir and also the Flying Tomato.

    Good luck with the Wellbutrin. I took it once and was pretty pleased with it. Not too mind altering, but just enough to sort of take the edge off a bit. Good stuff.

  2. Thanks Samsmama,I'll give it a go, I have to get over taking a pill daily.


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