Friday, February 5, 2010

It's been an interesting day

to say the least.   But it is Friday so I am smiling.  I was at an assignment called a Braille Challenge at the local Deaf and Blind School  when my boss called and said a guy was dying so try to make it to Penrose Hospital quick to photograph a volunteer that was with him while he passed on.  I know,wierd..  The  program is called "No One Dies Alone". The story was about the volunteers who sit with people who either have no family or the family can't make it or the family doesn't want to make it.  Well I made it after driving around corners on two wheels and the PR guy said no face of the dying man in the photo please and I'll spare you the face cause I'll not forget it soon. So he didn't die while I was there thankfully.  And he wasn't alone.

Anyway I went back to the Deaf and Blind school and photographed their competition.  It was pretty cool.

The blind students used this machine called a braille writer to transpose audio tapes.  The challenge has several parts and it was interesting how they interact except I could only photograph certain kids.

Another assignment earlier this week was with a blind gentleman that helps rescue lost and homeless animals by way of a neighborhood network. His computer talks and tells him the keystrokes.  Cool.

I know, I was on the blind beat this week. In the past I would always get all the dog assignments. Just a coincidence.

Another assignment I photographed was a student mariachi band at a local Jr. High.  I'm including this photo mainly because of what it said in the background "Music can change the world, because it can change true Bono.

This is what the class looked like pieced together from three frames.

 This is a poster I put together for my husband's 50 th birthday party we're throwing on Sunday.  I guess if we gave a shit about the game I'd throw it some other time, but he needs to go snowmobiling for his birthday.  So he'll never guess, never,unless he reads this.  He said he never does.  I 'll fill you in about the party later. Got a half keg of brew beer and a 1.75 of Beam.  Should be fun. Hope you have fun too.  Have a great weekend.  C.

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