Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Birthday G2 on Superbowl Sunday

Happy 50th G2

This past Sunday I surprised my husband for his 50th birthday at our Superbowl party. He was surprised but he's a modest guy and likes no fuss about him.  It worked out okay, but would have been better if it was a seperate occasion.

Our friend KJ made some great food.  This is just the cakes and appetizer course.  There was so much food she only cooked half of what she brought.

Our friends Charlotte and Janie made the cakes.  They were awesome and in the words of Janie's husband OT, "They were a bunch of mutherfuckin cake-eaters"  It's hard not to pound down cake when it's so good.

A recycled birthday poster, and Who dat?

The crowd

and some cheering
....we realized how small out bungalow is when we were setting up the living room.

Beautiful Janie lit the candles

a G2 blew them out

and out

and he read some cards

Hello baby.

Hey we had a good time. And the underdog team won.  We all sang When the Saints Come  Marching In after the game.  Trust me, we sounded great.  The best thing to come out of the party was $250 for G2's quit smoking hypnosis, well done friends. Thank You.  Now he has to do his part.

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  1. Great party! I can't believe your camera can pick up so much light.


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