Friday, January 29, 2010

Thank my higher power its FRIDAY

Love is finding your English Bulldog after being missing for three weeks.  Ugly Mofo, almost so ugly he's cute. His name is Rocky.
This little girl accidently let him out in a blinding snow storm.  Told ya, kids are a liability.

I met this artist driving around for a feature.  His name is Tom Henderson and he's selling off his statues cause he's not making money painting interiors and exteriors..his statue of Jesus playing baseball got little response,  He thought both sides of the spectrum would be upset.  He has a huge rooster made of wire I'd like.

This was a business portrait I shot Tuesday.  I like it even though she looks crazed, it's crazed in a good way. It's earr-illy crazed.  

Yesterday's up-slope on Ute Pass

Okay I stopped about here at a stop sign.   the cop was at the red dot.  I then creeped up and through the stop sign very slowly cause it was slick.   And you guessed it, the bitch pulled me over and gave me a ticket.  She said I never stopped cause she could see through the hedge.

The stop sign is where the gray dot is.   My car initially stopped where the circle is.  I think I'll fight it cause I am INNOCENT.
Cool rear view scene downtown today.

Had a great time at our thanksgiving dinner last night I took some photos but they're on another camera so I'll post later with an update on that.  I know you can't wait.
Going out for Margaritas with my friend Sharon who had a birthday last week but she was sick, so we didn't adios. 


  1. I got the same ticket at the same stop from a woman cop, Manitou Spgs. Isn't that the "The Red Crags"? I was sure I had stopped also, but paid it anyway.
    On another note, I ride by that artist's house on Williamette often. I kinda like his stuff.

  2. That's the place. I will also probably just pay cause it's her word against mine. Plus the photos with circles and arrows they'd probably dismiss. The artist is pretty cool. I'll probably re-shoot this week cause it didn't run as a feature.

  3. Great photos honey! I wish I could go there right now. Thanks for the comments on my J.D. SAlinger post. I agree with you, it was a definite downer. Have a great Tuesday! Kori xoxo


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