Thursday, January 28, 2010

Today is.....

Thanksgiving.  At least for dinner.  I am excited already.

This is a snap I took looking down Ute pass taking G2 up to get his car from the repair shop.  It was way prettier but at the point I could pull over safely I had to settle for this.
The biggest district in the city felt the need to have a two hour delay.  It was pretty slick out, and it is only school.
When I was a kid growing up, first in Lake Placid, NY, then Wayland, NY, there was NEVER a delay.  You either had a snow day or not, and it took a blizzard or substantial snow to get one.  And we had to walk up hill both ways, in five feet of snow.


  1. Remember senior yr snow day party at Charlie's. Keg by 10:00. Me getting in trouble for kissing pin

  2. Yeah Pin I vaguely remember that. How'd you get in trouble? I remember we were out in the blizzard of "77. Nothing much could keep us home.


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