Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I like bacon and Mt. Yale

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The kids and I got a kick from this the other day.  It was graffiti on a hand dryer. (Press button, receive bacon, enjoy bacon) I know, easily entertained.

This here photo is Mount Princeton, I orginally posted it as Mt. Yale But I was lazy I didn't correct it until now.  It was even on the Chaffee County website as Mt. Yale but trust me, this is Princeton.

This is Mt Yale from Cottonwood Pass.  It has a false summit, the trailhead starting from the Denny Creek pulloff.  This is the area we went snowmobiling in this past weekend.  I could kick my ass for not bringing my camera to shoot this peak in the morning amber light.  We went south and west of this Colorado '14er on Cottonwood Pass near Buena Vista, Co.  Up and over to Taylor Park and then north towards Aspen, to Springcreek.  It was about an 80 mile trip and the weather was clear, snowy,white-out,cloudy and that pretty much describes winter the Rockies.  The snow is fair to medium with a lot of off-road sledding ill-advised because you could hit a rock or go into a stream bed pretty easily.  Because we can never have a ride where all goes well, Howard's exhaust almost came off its engine mounts, but after an hour of hillside mechanic work, they got it on with over half the bolts so diverted disaster. He went back to the campers pronto but we finished the ride going maybe an additional 20 miles. We went back to our campers had a snack and then walked around to see what everyone else was doing. I was whooped. There was seven of us camping off the parking lot on a county road. Forest service will not allow camping in the lots which I can understand in the summer cause no one would camp in the campgrounds but in the winter what ta heck? Well we ate, swapped lies, had a few drinks and had some laughs and did everything in our power to stay up past nine. We made it to 9:15.  Back to Mount Yale.  It's the only 14er I've ever started and not finished.  We were about 200 yards off the summit and had to turn back cause of lightning in the area.  I didn't want to, but mama didn't raise no idiots.  (Oh yeah, I had a bad stomach too, a bad thing at 14,000 feet, but that's TMI.

Well no fair on having a New Year attached to a weekend.  Like how can you establish resolutions when time is given to eat and drink in excess?  Plain cruel. After have drank enough red wine to have a pinot-shriaz blend running through my veins and over-eating, I have put the kabosch on it all.  (That was after playing cards Sunday night over at KJ's cause I could never go over there and pick at my food.  Good God that lady can cook. We played some hearts and euchre and talked us up some politics and wondered "what ta hell is this world coming to?" and other rhetoric questions. Solving the world's problems one card game at a time.)

I will not comment anything about the Broncos except what a bunch of fucking shit I witnessed the last half of the season.  I despise  McDaniel's and his petulance, benching players out of spite?

Back to work today after two weeks off.  It was tough. I have shot two free-lance jobs lately so maybe that will take off if I make an effort.  Muster up a good week,eh, back to the grind, I know let's get rich quick.

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