Friday, January 1, 2010

HAPPY 2010

  The Soup Kitchen Diaries were actually a post I didn't get around to posting Wednesday.  So got that cleared up.

Happy Fucking New Year, I can say that here cause it's my blog.

Had a riotous time last night at Joe and Sharon's.  Did a lot of talking and drinking. Some singing.  Managed to break a plastic wine glass, I know the whole idea is the plastic ones won't break. We watched the fireworks off the top of Pikes Peak, that's a big MF = motherfucking mountain to the west of this fair city.  Got home at 2:15 ish and took off my false eyelashes and the gobs of eye makeup I had on.  Sorry I wish I would have taken photos too.

Today rather lazy although I did 50 loads of wash.  It was really only 20.  Ok its was about 5 but jeez do I look like a drudge to you?  Fresh beds all around.

We leave early tomorrow to go snowmobiling in the mountains to the west.  I learned on our afternoon walk that it supposed to be cold and snowy.  Why can't I get a nice bluebird day to play in the snow, why?

I spoke with my sister today it was her 51st birthday.  She was having a down day.  Not fair to feel down on your birthday that happens to be the first day of a new decade that she had high hopes for.  Here's to a better tomorrow and decade for her and you to.  Take Care..C.

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