Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Untitled Post

Well back to the basics friends, good photography and quick quips.  I shot this one morning while on vacation.  I know, you've seen this shot a million times but when I saw the sun's rim light from my bed I had high expectations.  I took off in my pajamas but missed the light that got me up so quick. I was very lucky to not have been pulled over by the cops because they would have thought me homeless by my thread-bare jams,no bra and lack of drivers license.  Good thing I still have my teeth. I'd be down at ElPaso county jail on car theft.

Had to take a picture of Mags and my Christmas Cookies.  Not quite like the ones on Sunset Magazine cover but real close and I am sure they tasted just as good.  Had one more container to give away but one of the squirrels dumped the container off the outside bar and they opened, so sorry Jones, no cookies for you, blame the squirrels. :)

Saw this on my assignment this AM, ain't that the truth.

no sign of my poinsettias turning yet. :(

My son sleeping.  Where has the time gone? 15, he's 15 already.

My cat loves to "make bread" on this Bronco blanket.  I actually call it her blanket now.  Not because the Broncos are losers just cause she seems to like it better than me.

I know she's so cute and arty too.


  1. Wow!!! Your cookies look wonderful!

    SO sorry about the Broncos, by the way. I totally thought about you when we won. :(

  2. Samsmama, Thank you for thinking of me, hey Broncos made your team look like they were HOT!


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