Thursday, January 21, 2010

Brisket, paint techniques, and more

I know can I be a little more precise with my titles.......NO.  But let's get to the brisket first......

This was a very small piece of brisket according to my husband G2.  The rub he made was a combination of paprika,cumin,sugar,salt,pepper,thyme,cumin and cayenne pepper.  I have made a similar rub and the recipes are all over the web.  Be very generous when you rub it down.  Anyway it was on the smoker for about 6 hours, I turned it up to 250 degrees and kept it on the smoker for 3 more hours.  We have a pellet smoker called a Treager.  If you don't have a smoker you can use a grill and turn it as low as it will go and put wood chips off to the side and set the meat on indirect heat. ( Honestly though, if you like smoked meat go out and get yourself one for your upcoming birthday.)  Then I placed it in foil and apple juice in the oven for a few hours on 300 degrees.

It was pull-apart tender with a great flavor. I served it on a roll with Stubbs BBQ sauce,but really the flavor was so good the sauce is optional.  Made about 8 good sized sammies.


My daughter wanted her bedroom redone last year, she was sick of the lavender and girly colors and she picked a mocha and beige color scheme.  We picked out sheers to go over her blinds.  The pattern was lilies or some flowery design.  I made a template out of mylar from the curtain design and put four of the flowers on each side of the window for a custom touch.

Ok enough of  my cooking and design tips, here's some photos I took today while out and about for the paper.

I really didn't meet this guy since he blew by me at an intersection doing 30 mph, but i like the frame.

I stopped and met this lady after I saw her pull into the 7-11.  She lives in her truck with her dog Precious Ann.  She told me how the Manitou police held her down as the Humane Society took her other dog, ill with cancer, and gave her a ticket for animal abuse.  She said the dog was to get his leg amputated and the cancer only had effected his leg but they took the dog and put him to sleep.  She was crying her eyes out.  I felt so bad.  She said the incident left her with a dead dog and  a court date.
 She said she dumpster dives and I could have anything I wanted that was on her truck.

She said Precious Ann is a red tick heeler that came out blue???? This dog must of pissed for a full 5 minutes after it got out of the truck.  Wish I could help but something tells me there's more to the story.  Good luck.

When we used to use film cameras,we shot off a few frames to make sure the film was advancing and sometimes this would make for some good art, we called leader art.  Well gone are the days of film so this is my digital leader art from yesterday just checking exposure I suppose.

Ok, let's check on the cat..........

Whoops, she looks pretty mad, never mind, she must of smelled the blue-red tick heeler on me.
Have a good one.  C.

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