Monday, January 25, 2010


My work week wasn't particularly hard it was just long.   There were a few highlights.  I met this free spirit over at the Manitou skate park Thursday while out driving about looking for feature art.  Anyway, her name was Morgan and she was a breath of fresh air.  She kinda reminded me of me thirty years ago.  She goes to school and makes her own hula hoops to sell, she wants to go to bluegrass festivals.  I've been to my share of festivals and there's always a ton of hippie hula hoopers there.  She'd have a good time.  She also made photo buttons for people at dog parks of them and their dogs, cool idea.  I made photo buttons when I was in college.  

She wanted me to try the hoop and I wish I would of but I've never had luck with making one work.  It always ended up around the bottom of my ankles and one or two spins.  She said it was all in the hips.  Maybe I'll secretly buy one and figure it out.  (insert laugh track here)

I also went to a event center grand opening at UCCS.  Amongst all the cheerleaders and regent leaders was Clyde, the mountain lion mascot.  I think he was all agitated cause of the noise and being pushed around in the cage.  His ears were all down, and if he would of gotten out he might have had him a little student body snack.

Next time you want someone to get lost you could tell them to go pound rice instead of sand.  At least this would be productive.  That's what I found out Sat. when I went to a Japanese New Year celebration.  Hundreds of participants pounded sticky rice with a mallet.  Then the rice was rolled or sprinkled with various ingredients and enjoyed by the pounders.

This was a sidewalk chalk illo I found while leaving the rice event.
 "Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that. "  I hear you, MLK

It seems I have gotten a bit dull and serious.  Since I cannot let that happen, I will leave you with some fail  funnies.

Nothing like a family portrait at grand dad's

Have bike will travel... with livestock.

a hhhaaaahhhaaa

Feel sorry for the guy they didn't give him two seats, how'd the cart make it around?

This is troubling.

look like miss-shaped midgets.
This can't go out of fashion soon enough for me.

Now that's a facade.

Hope you all stay out of trouble,ya hear.  C.

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