Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Calling out to Carol

Today I had off and I had the nerve to take a 2 hour nap.  Boy that felt good and If I didn't have to pick up my son from school and get the house in some order I still may be sleeping.

Anyway, during my slumber I some how got this old Stan Ridgway song stuck in my head.  If your not familiar with the name his most recognized work maybe from when he was with, The Wall Of Voodoo, their big hit was Mexican Radio,
I wish I was in Tiajuana
Eating barbequed iguana
I'd take requests on the telephone
I'm on a wavelength far from home........

That's not the song, just so you know.  The name of the song is "Calling Out to Carol", about a girl maybe a prostitute, that lives in Colorado Springs.  I don't care what it's about really cause it has my name's in it and the town I live in and Stan Ridgway maybe wrote it about me, I am not gonna confirm or deny but here's the song:
calling out to Carol   or

I know the coincidences are prodigious and other long words.

phone call from my friend KJ yesterday: I'll skip the hello and blah blah blah part,

her:  You know how you like to say "fuck a bunch of that"
me:  Yeah
her:  I love that.  I say that to myself at times and I think of you.
me: really? cool, yeah I've been known to come up with some sayings for exasperation
her: Fuckabunch of that, I love that
me: me too.

I cannot take credit for making this up.  I just say it from time to time, honestly. I got it from our friend Coakley that also came up with the term "cockbinder".  I am not sure what this means just that it sounds like it hurts.  Anyway that's all I got for you.  Keep the home fires burning, C.
ps Fuck a bunch of that.

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