Monday, October 12, 2009

Survivor,NFL Sunday, The Rockies and the 2C tax

First let me get to Survivor before I forget about what it was about. Russell the little troll is still irritating but I guess I see why they chose him. The drama injected into the reality shows is starting to really bother me and I guess this is just another example of producers trying to keep it interesting. If it was just a group of average well behaved people than WTF. Maybe they would just be judged on challenges and social behavior. How boring. (inject sarcasm). Anyway finally the Galu team lost and they voted off Yaz despite her going all out in challenges. She said that the edit of the show made her look way lazier than she was. They kept the weak Monica who will see the door in the near future.
I am a believer. The Broncos are 5-0 after an overtime win Sunday. We were on needles and pins are usual. To win over the cheater Belicheck was fabulous and I'll even give credit to Orton and McDaniels. Good job, the Patriots were a true barometer on how the Broncos are truly faring.
We had the crew over and had wings, chili,fried green tomatoes and soup. We did a lot of yelling and candle lighting. Fun times.
Later on,while watching my Sunday dramas I was flicking back and forth between them and the Rockies and fell asleep. So when I awoke about 11:30 pm I flicked on the game to see the Rockies lose the in bottom of the ninth. Let's see if there's any light behind their eyes tonight. Last chance Rockies go for it.
I took a long walk today in the Garden of the Gods. I am always so bummed out about how over managed the park is. Fences all over, signs all over, you can't even take a landscape photograph with out a f#ckin sign in the background. They don't want people walking off the paths but if people want to they will go off trail and a mile of split wood fence is no deterrent. I am just saying they have spent a lot of money to junk up the place. A lot of city tax payer money. I could go on and on about the mess they've created with the mismanagement of funds and guess what now the tax payers don't trust them. Surprise they now need lots more money just to keep a police force and fire stations manned. They are saying we are in danger if we don't vote in a $400 property tax increase. And when times get fat again no they won't decrease it. I will vote for it but I am reluctant. Let's just vote this peanut gallery out of office next time. Heck, our city manager came from CA where she just walked away from her mortgage and is now being sued by the bank. This was no little rancher like you and I live in this was a multi-million dollar number. We can't vote her out. Cheerio, C.

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