Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hello fall or is it winter?

I was out in the fog and drizzle taking some photos today.  It was suppose to lift and big sun was supposed to appear but it was a no-show.

I snapped these in the Garden today....
you can see the fog is not letting the rock show through.
I took at photograph of a city worker raking leaves in  Old Colorado City today.  He said, " Let me try that fancy camera and take a picture of you.", I said "OK" and this picture is the result of that conversation.  Pretty funny, huh?
Well the Rockies blew a lead in the 9th last night.  Disappointing end to a fabulous season.  They should have a good young team come April.
The cat brought in a live bird this morning.  It was flying around in our bedroom.  It perched on my hibiscus tree and netted it with the pond net. The bird flew off, it was very pretty. Rae's such a bad cat sometimes.  I made her stay in for the morning but she's not saying if she learned her lesson or not.

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  1. maybe you could get a job with the city, surelooks as if you quilify!


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