Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I am soooo tired

Mags said she was just "chillin' with her girl" last night when she was simultaneously watching TV, petting the cat, and doing her homework.  She's been down with flu-like symptoms and won the fight enough to go to school today after she's was out Monday.  I made her an appointment to check for strep since she had a small sore throat this am, but no fever.  Anyway if this was the swine flu I am glad its over.  G2 hacked all night so he stayed home and has an appointment with Mags this PM.  You'll notice the fish in the background.  I can see him when I am laying in bed.  I always wondering if he's dead since he goes to a back corner of the tank at night.  I guess that's where he sleeps.  Poor Heckle.  That's his name, I guess I should clean his tank one of these days.
These are the candles I got for a bargain at Bargain Mart, $1 each and worth every penny.  They have been a driving force keeping the Denver Broncos strong when they start to crumble.  Thank you St. Jude, saint for the hopeless, and thank you, Seven African Powers for giving the Broncos spiritual guidance and leading them to a 6-0 season so far.
Here's the crew after the decisive win over Rivers and the hated Chargers last night.  Fun time.  Cwapy bought over salmon he caught fishing in Alaska and we had other good stuff like stuffed zucchini and green chili.  Well my prediction about the Bears was wrong.  Atlanta showed up to play and Cutler threw a couple of his gun slinging interceptions, that, and his teammates were relatively worthless led to a defeat..better luck next time.
I have changed my mind about voting yes on 2C tax increase after talking with Noel and Mark.  Seems the city has gotten themselves into a pickle after giving the USOC 45 million extra dollars than they originally agreed.  Guess what?, they now need 45 million dollars now to keep the city afloat.  Listen city administrators: take a pay cut like we've all been doing.  That's the price to pay in a tough economy and the price to pay to live here and look at these mountains from your beautiful Broadmoor homes or full length windows from the 10th floor of the Plaza of the Rockes penthouse offices.  Sorry.
Other than that have a good one. C.

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