Wednesday, October 21, 2009

everyday is a new day

Well I waited and waited for someone to walk down this walkway but no dice. Thought it was a good back drop. BUT NOooooooooo. Maybe another day.

Today my Domke camera bag strap broke. Finally. I was wondering how it would pan out. It was a shredded mess and I didn't dare wear it over my shoulder and it gave out after I photographed this darling nun who turns 104 on Monday!
Sister Ricardis Durst joined the convent just shy of her 18th birthday and never looked back. She's grateful for the life of peace God has provided her. She has no regrets and does not fret about one detail in her life. She lives at Mount St. Frances Nursing Center after retiring at the age of 87. Wow. Clean living. She does enjoy Jeopardy! daily. She said she was really never a physically affectionate person cause her mother had TB when she was little and could not touch her children for fear of infecting them. I think that's why I am not a big hugger/kisser. My mother didn't have TB, but she was not real affectionate with us kids. I think.
Well tomorrow is Survivor Thursday and it could not come soon enough. The cold weather is a little, well depressing. But like Cyn said nothing a good drink can't cure. yay Thursdays.

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  1. 104 - Wow! Happy Birthday!

    That first photo is oustanding.


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