Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hey i've been busy.

I was on an assignment at Meadowlake, a very small airfield east of the Springs when the guy I had photographed said,"So you want to go for a spin in the plane?." and of coarse I said "Sure", even though I had to pee and had another assignment and I had told Bubs I'd  try to pick him up from school.  But I think this snap of the Garden of the Gods and the Peak were worth being a tad late for things that I could be a tad late for.  
This was the pilot, Charlie Lambert.  He flew fighter jets, I think in 'nam, after he graduated from the AFA and then taught flying at Pete Field so I figured he had the credentials. He flies to Cleveland and other cities a couple times a week for business.  It was a cool ride.
Bubs got new glasses.  He wears them full time.  I went to his parent-teacher conference and he's got straight A's, so now he even looks smart.
This is my baby girl, home yesterday with a fever and a touch of the viral.  She's better now but we've all felt a little under the weather for the past week er so.  I was reminded by her sleeping on the couch of when I was little and was home sick from school.  My mother would bring me a Hawaiian Punch/ginger ale cocktail and make me a bed on the couch and I felt cared for.  I hope Maggie felt cared for.

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  1. 3 great photos (everything but the one of the pilot, which was fine but not great).


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