Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another big weekend

Last night we hosted a little dinner party for Tamara and Jones welcoming his nephew Mitchell and Buddy Ben to the Springs for one night only. We all had a fun time and Mitchell proved to have a great talent in his voice and guitar and he and Joe played some songs and we kept an eye on Green Bay VS Farve. Yay for Farve who put up the good fight for a win.
This is the real reason the Denver Broncos won on Sunday. Late in the fourth quarter we lit a few religious candles then a few more to usher in the fab win. On the bear front Jay Cutler did an Elway leap across the goal line for an impressive TD.
This is Greg's big pumkin for the season. It weighed a little over 100 lbs. Next year.........larger?
The rest of these photos are from the Saturday overnight at Noel's and Denise. I'll put a bigger album on Facebook later.
The gang
The gang 2
Dancing John
Eating crab.
Mark and Neil
Our hosts toasting to more good sex.
See that washer form?
Noel and Denise
Sharon and Nina
Noel cooking
Shayla and Mags having fun.
In case you noticed I am following myself. I didn't mean to do that but I can not figure out how to delete it. So if you know how to delete myself as a follower leave me a comment. I was trying to link my name as a follower with the blog.....anyway going to Loveland skiing tomorrow. First day of the season. C.

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