Friday, October 23, 2009

Finally Friday

Trust me when I say I am the Queen of Procrastination. Just the mere thought that I have kept up on this blog the best I have is pretty damn impressive. So when I saw this poster on another blog, I just had a to have it for my own so, thanks.
I know killer picture of a roasting pan. Yesterday when I got to work I had the assignment for Thanksgiving kitchen gadgets. I know, how'd I get so lucky. When I first started at the paper I did mostly studio stuff. After you're at something for awhile you get pretty good at it. That was 15 years ago luckily. I clawed my way up the photo food chain. To some people's chagrin, hahahaha hahaha, but not really if I think about it. I am still where I started on the bottom rung. Woe is me, jokes on me. Anyway the worst thing in the whole freakin' world to photograph is a large stainless steel object. It reflects everything. It's like photographing a round mirror that you need detail in. That combined with the decrepit photo studio that I couldn't even keep a camera sync locked in, well. Anyway thanks for listening to my pissing and moaning session. I was out of practice, everything looked ok except for the roaster but the reporter reminded me it be about a 2 inch photo on newsprint.
Which brings me to the next photo of some regulars of the Royal Tavern getting their coffin ready for tomorrow's Emma Crawford Coffin races in Manitou. I know only in Manitou, a hippy,but blue collar kinda place next door to the Springs. Emma was a resident that died of TB back a 100 years ago and they buried her on Red Mtn. When the rains came down I guess her coffin slid down the mtn. Every year the weekend before halloween, teams of four runners plus a rider in the coffin, dressed as Emma, race up the street a few hundred yards. They run two teams at a time and the best times run again. Most people dress up like monsters, wizards or scarey -ass people. The Royal guys said they know they're not gonna win this year so their theme is for shock value. I'll let you know how shocking they were. They said everyone would be talking about them. Hope they're not naked.
About Survivor. What a great show. We had spaghetti made by moi. Thank you me. The wine sure tasted good and a dull headache this morning reminded me. Anyway, Russell the rasta guy, got all dehydrated after running himself ragged around camp. He put himself in the challenge knowing he was weak, down he went and out of the game, karma for being mean to Shambo, maybe. That Jeff Probst is one caring guy and deserves an Emmy. Oh that's right he got one! No one went home because he left the game, I just wish they would have given Foa Foa the pizza. Man those girlie girls on Galu are annoying.
Can I brag?, well of coarse I can, it's my blog. I 'll be brief and not gloat. Both my kids got straight A's on their first quarter report cards. Mags was excepted to National Jr. Honor Society. ( Maybe that makes up for her fail at the end of her track season, Well, she was sick. As I always say; the only reason to run is if some one's chasing you.) Hope they keep it up. Hope you have a sweet weekend. C.


  1. Spaghetti & wine sounds so good right now! COngrats on having smart kiddos, too. :)


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