Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The rest of the story

Okay here's the punch line......
Looking out towards South Park, below is highway 24. I will never take these sights for granted.
This is the reason I had such a stinking hang-over Sunday. Not Sue, the wine. I started drinking this wine and trying that wine and then I had some of that wine and then most people went over to Cyn's for Char and Suze's birthday party, take 5. I have to admit I don't remember much after being there. I know I was among friends and I did wake up in my bed in my pajamas with my man,and no one laughed when they saw me at the Bronco game. (Well they might have.) They did ask so "How are YOU feeling today" and I answered "like crap thanks" So I will try to reign in on the drinking again. Its like a religious experience when that happens like I open my eyes to it a little more. I am pushing 50 you know plus I am somebody's mother (times 2).
Crab Fest all you can eat $10. Thats a deal especially when you consider the entertainment...
Running the ATV'S near Badger mountain, 50 miles west of Colorado Springs.
Amber found this mud puddle and hit it approximately 100 times. To be a kid again.
The yellow of the Aspen has hit Colorado high country. The Springs is looking pretty fall-like as well, his is my favorite time of year. Yay.
On a different topic.... today while driving around I saw a sign that said 'boneless chicken wings $3.99" or some such thing. Do not fall for this. It is not a wing if it has no bone,sorry just a piece of knowledge I picked up from living by Buffalo in my younger years. Is meat shaped like a bone with wing sauce just thought you'd like to know.
I watched a movie last night staying up past midnight, which might explain why I am dead tired. It had Daniel Craig in it," Flashbacks of a Fool". It was pretty good coming of age, tragedy, some good scenery about how a washed up movie star on drugs and drink comes to terms with what has made him spiral after the death of his childhood best friend. Kept me watching past my bedtime. Kinda disjointed, but a recommend from me.

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