Monday, September 28, 2009

where do I began

I am getting way too old for drinking like a rock star. It started last Thursday. Yes Survivor night but also Charlotte and her sister Suze's big bday. They were born on the same day 10 years apart with their sister Cyn in the middle. Anyway I kept it to a low roar and Had a few glasses of wine and we had a very nice dinner and little cake and gifts party.
Survivor, if I can remember was a good show. That jerk Russell is just the biggest ass-wipe this show has seen since Johnnie Fairplay. I think he's worse actually. The lady cop was shown the door after she was dubbed the weakest. Of coarse my two players (we draw names) are just not quality people. The one dude was the first contestant ever kicked out of a challenge and my girl was the one he tackled and she preceded to bitch him out a his own campfire. Geez I will not be winning the $5 grand prize again.
Friday was a hard day at work. I got home later than sooner and got the house together (again) for the King's visit. We did not stay up very late and again I held myself to a glass of wine or two. We got up early to go ATVing up by Badger Mountain area. It was a very beautiful day around 60-70 degrees. Some trees had turned but lower where we unloaded the aspens were lime green. I'd say they will peek in two weeks in that area. We did a 30 mile loop and got home around 3:30. After 8 showers we got the food together and 18 people joined together for a crab fest. King crab.
More tomorrow with photos.......

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  1. I can't drink either. I had 3 1/2 beers at my class reunion over a 6 hour period. I dis like Russel also and I mad he got tht idol. Hopefully they can blind side him quickly.


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