Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Home sick in bed

I woke up today and felt like I was beat up and left for dead in the middle of the night. Real sore around the upper back and shoulders. I resisted the get-up and you'll feel better dialogue that was going through my mind. Mostly feeling guilty about not showing up at work. I am never sick. But I stayed in bed and actually slept until 11:30, which tells me I really needed the rest. I don't think I have the flu, just a residual tiredness from my big weekend. I watched a little TV in afternoon. I flicked around the programs and I will never understand the common man obsession with celebrities. I just don't find the fascination with the lifestyle of the rich and famous. If we probably knew them like we knew our friends we would probably disdain them. Huge egos and high maintenance, what is really to admire? After picking up Bubs from school we picked up his glasses, they look real cute. When I got home I felt a little ill again so I got back in bed and watched "21", a movie based on real-life MIT students that put a system of card counting to use in Vegas. It was really entertaining for me and I would recommend it. Gotta love anything with Kevin Spacey in it.
Not that anything I have written about is real cheery, but the rest of this blog is a real bummer. I found out yesterday that one of our friends that had a recent surgery was diagnosed with Peritoneal mesothelioma which develops in the abdomen’s peritoneum, a layer that covers the abdominal cavity and surrounds abdominal organs. I had to copy that from one of the medical websites I have been visiting. I know doesn't sound like my writing. Anyway is is a very rare and aggressive form of abestos cancer. They took out many tumors. Hopefully she can kick this and I know if anyone can its her because she is young and vibrant and in good general health. So say a prayer for Janie. I hope the medical technology out there combined,good karma, a great amount of prayer can cure the girl and give her the long life she deserves. good night. C.

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