Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I am sick of this race card issue

Thats right, quit playing the race card when people disagree with any minority, yes that's right, I am sick and tired of this defense. Hey, I don't always agree with the president but I reserve the right to do so without being labeled a racist. I am sure there's racism alive and well in this country but the black people are the ones that will not let it die. These people out protesting taxation and big government are doing so because they don't like it. They are being written off as a bunch of crazy racists cause the White House doesn't want to deal with them. Don't like health care reform, you must be a racist, giving Kanya West heat over being an ass?,racist,Serena Wilson acting like a brat and they're calling her on it?, racism. Making Michael Vick pay cause he caused the torture and death of dogs?, racism. There's Jimmy Carter stirring the pot, please haven't you've done enough already? We need unification not another way to to create a chasm. Please can everyone take responsibility for their actions? It's always someone else's fault. Its elitism at its finest folks, and I am not buying it.

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