Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Showing respect,cool t-shirt and Zion

Zion National Park
I edited through my shoot from the Canyons' trip I took in the Spring with my family. I have yet to send the in-laws the photos from there. Partly because they expect it and partly because I've been busy. More so because I don't think they treat me well. My son points out that I act like I am so angry. I guess he's right. I don't know why I just can't get over that. He calls me out on a lot of my deficiencies. It's different when your 14 year old is just saying chill. Its easier to see.
We were in the car yesterday and he told me he listens to some you-tube commentations but one dude is so sexists and he thinks this is so wrong, so wrong and just as wrong as racism. The kid is so even keeled and smart, he is a self-described nerd, who writes computer code,loves cats and wouldn't hurt a fly. This is seen as a downfall to some friends who think he should hunt,shoot guns,play football,drink and be in all sorts of trouble like they were as teens. I am proud to be his mom and I know he's going places. I thinks these friends are confused. He's a great kid, just not theirs, so kiss my ass.
I found this T-shirt from list of the day's ad for Busted T's. I love it and I think I will get it from my friend's Charlotte's B-day. What a hoot it's so her.

I copied this illo from a display board from a school where I shot an assignment this morning. Pretty primitive but as far as I am concern the lack of respect for others and their opinions are the number one reason for the huge polarization in this world today. That's as close as I will get to a political statement, today anyway.

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