Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nancy Pelosi has finally lost it

*Reader Alert, IF you get upset by other's views of the political arena you may not want to read this***************************************************************************************Excuse Excuse me, sorry to become so political of late, but Nancy Pelosi has finally pissed me off enough I have to respond. The gall to use fake emotions and compare people who don't care for the health reform package to people invoking violence in gay rights of the 70's just kills me. Milk was murdered by a fellow DEMOCRAT you stupid shit. If there's any violence that comes forward from this I will hold her responsible. There's always fringe looney-toones people on both sides of the spectrum. The race card didn't work so she plays the gay card. Paaleeze, you make me ill,
love, carol


  1. Did You see the signs when the idiots were protesting in Washington. They are racist and the ones stirring the pot are Rush Libaugh and Glen Beck and co. You have this one all wrong.

  2. Oh Ellen, i knew that would get you, don't worry there will be no rioting, we could argue all night about this and have. I love you. ps. I am for health care reform. I think you should get health care when you are born, for free. bingo, born,there you go, got healthcare. C.


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