Friday, October 2, 2009

Its Ffffffriday

Welcome to Rocktober,Rockies Fans, a sweep in LA and we win the NL West crown
no wins and we still are in wild-card form...but home-field advantage is always nice.

last week we had the NPR story corp trailer in town.  You bring a loved-one in a sound booth thats in an air-stream trailer and you talk about yourselves and lives for 40 minutes.  They record you can will put the interview on record at the Library of Congress if you choose.  It plays about 8:15 am on 91.5 in town every Friday if you want to hear one.  They edit it down to three minutes.  Anyway, the trailers in town for a couple more weeks at the Library downtown and then KRCC is setting up their own recording trailer if your interested and don't get a chance with NPR,
KRCC program director Jeff Bieri spoke with his Foster Mom about growing up here in the Spgs.
I am old, but not old enough to shoot this photograph circa 1920's when they were building a cable rail track in Old Colorado City.  They've wanted to revive the train but have not gained the funding to do so.  People don't even ride the buses here.  Maybe they'd ride the train though?
This was last Friday at the Fallen Firefighters memorial.  They were practicing for the service held to mourn the firefighters that were killed in the line of duty last year.  As long as you were union.  That kinda bothers me.  Anyway these ladies were copying a name of a loved one off the wall like many do.  The name just happened to be the same name as my father's, John E. Lawrence.  What are the odds of that?  So we spoke for awhile.  He was the husband of the lady in pink and he died of a heart attack after fighting a fire last year.
     Survivor Thursday last night,  The douche Russell continues in his douchey ways but I think he thinks he's running the game but he's not.  My guy Ben who continued to be a racist,sexist, ass was voted off.  good riddance.  We had a nice dinner at Cyn and John's.  Thanks.
    This weekend, off to Noel and Denise's Cabin in the mts to the west.  We will play cabin games, ATV,eat more crab, sit around a campfire and maybe do a little, maybe a little, drinking.  Be safe and have a good weekend ya'll.

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