Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy birthday Cyn Russel

Once again a week-long celebration for Cyn, with visitors coming from around the world. Okay not really from around the world, but from Florida anyway.

The cake was a big cookie


 Somehow these are out of order, this is from the Broadmoor brunch 
where you can dip anything in chocolate. Almost anything.

 Miss Maggie was my date.

 The esteemed.

 We clean up well. We'll all be together in Florida at the end of Oct.

 Broadmoor pool

 The Broadmoor
Fountain out front



After brunch, and the Broadmoor tour we stopped 
at the Guinta's for Greg's famous ribs.

Photo with Jack.

 All around the bar

Deep thoughts, "So how's your drink?"

 The Queen with her flowers

 Not looking so bad after 51 years.

 This was actually from the first day, the trip up to Mt. Baldy.
Clean mountain air.

Where do we go from here?

The Polaris

This is from Cyn's party ... there was ham and there was turkey, there was caviar ...
Oh... that was the Broadmoor brunch.

We are lucky. We have been doing family-style things with our neighbors
because most of us don't have family in Colorado. We celebrate birthdays
holidays, Survivor, sometimes Fridays and Saturdays and Bronco games, travelled.
And we still have things
to talk about.

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  1. Cyn Russe Happy Birth day with my Heart Wishes God Bless you....
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