Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day

Did not even pull a prank today. I have lost my spirit.

My thoughts are with Sharon Bailey and her family. Her mom passed away Wednesday morning In Kentucky. I hope all the good memories can sustain them through their grief. 

We had Survivor here last night. G2 smoked a very delicious chicken breast that was out-of-this-world. I made some mac and cheese that was about 30 minutes overcooked. I like it creamy.

Survivor was fun. If you don't watch it or don't give a shit, don't read this paragraph. Well Boston Rob still has a strangle-hold over his team, which includes three young bimbos, a cute ex-NFL player, and my WCS class of '78 classmate Phillip Sheppard. Phil gets real irritated at the bikini clads because they don't do anything and they worship Rob. Things will all change when they merge next week. Rob will be out soon, even if they keep him, he will never win. He's already played and become a loud-mouth celebrity that has a high opinion of himself.

Okay I am working around the house on my son's room and as you can tell, I don't  have lots to say so I'll be around next week. K?


  1. April Fools Day- I got Sharon when she woke up, with "The downstairs is flooded". She got me after work with "I decided to go for the gusto and quit my job today."

  2. Funny! I don't think I remember any good pranks I've ever been able to pull off when I think about it.


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