Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Road tripping to Santa Fe

eeeewwooee.  What can I say, another day off but did more today than I've done at work in months.  Wednesdays like Saturdays but mid-week.  I am getting used to it. 

Getting ready for my trip.  Last time I went to Santa Fe I talked Sharon into taking a clay class with me.  This was a technique using American Clay ( click on the American Clay for a live link, just in case you didn't realize that.)  I was looking for a new career, life path and wanted to check this out.Then KJ, who knows I really hate to drive offered to go and do most of the driving and that was road trip. After driving about 4 hours , we rolled into Santa Fe, and guess what, it was fucking dark out and it looked like some city USA with alot of stucco buildings.  We ate at some Mexican place, hailed by some travel guide as the be all end all to Mexican/Santa Fe cusine, I am not 100% but I think its this place Marias Kitchen ( again click to see the place).  Anyway we were tired an hungry and ended up very disappointed because we were promised diamonds and got zirconia.  It was still packed at 8:30 Thursday night, waited along time for the food,  and the food was no better than some of our local mex places and margaritas just OK,for some reason Sharon only drank a half of Margarita.  (Later found out she was pregnant) but that was good cause she drove us the last hour to Albuquerque where I had rezos for a room at some budget chain.  Not Super 8 budget but this joint Hawthorne Suites by Wyndham. Sounded nice and our Wyndham is a nice place. So we get there and even though we were  promised 2 queens and  a rollaway, the rooms could not accomadate the roll away plus there were only full beds or a king size and a pull-out couch.  So the guy at the front desk was this black kid with a gold grill and lots of BLING, His name was Billy or Jimmy something juevenille and he said "well take these room key cards and check out what these rooms look like", so we went up to the third floor first and went to the room and opened the door.  The door was caught by the security chain and there's this guy just alaying on his bed in his underware watching TV, and KJ slammed the door shut and we screamed like girls all the way to the elevator.  When we got down to the front desk, KJ threw the key card at the gangsta wanna-be and said "Jimmy did room 325 call you yet?  Well he's gonna be."  we were so embarrassed but in the grand scheme of things he could have been doing some kinda erotica stuff (alone?,ask Michael Hutchence aka INXS) that'd give us something to really talk about. 

    The next day we did the clay class so KJ went to Jazzercise cause we were addicted to that for awhile.  She found out after a lot of mean stares that she was supposed to stand on a star on the floor to do her exercises but not a star that was a regular member's star. 
     After the clay class we drove back to Santa Fe where we rode the luggage card down through the coutyard of the Marriot.  Much,much nicer.  Not the cart the rooms.  We decieded to get us some authentic Mexican down on the square.  We made reservations at Guarduno's, I think, it was downtown anyway.  For the love of Pete, we could not find this place, even with an address and directions. Finally an old lady with a cane walked us to an alley and inot the secret lot. We were an hour late and so frustrated I downed a margarita and  a tequilla pretty quick.  Sharon who was driving and secretly pregnant wanted to slit her wrists but we talked her into a drink instead.  The dinner was great.  We all loved the cactus (Napal) appetiser.

We went through Taos on the way home and ate in a gallery.  It was cinco de Mayo and that's my wedding anniversary so when we all pulled in our husbands met us at the house for a nice dinner.  Actually I think we all went home first but my memory deceives me on a daily basis.

Case in point, today I am putting away the shower cap I wore not to disturb my new style I got last night.  I cannot get the same results as the hairdresser not matter how I try.  Anyway, I do not know where I put the fucker, I looked in all the regular places, the trash, the freezer, the underware drawer to no avail.  Well I am a long-winded MF tonight.  Glad I got that out of my system.  I'll have more stories when I get home.  Hope you find your shower cap or whatever your looking for.

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