Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Company's left

Said goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa this morning.  Had a good time.  But I can't wait to go home and have our house back.  Tuesday till Tuesday is a bit long if your company stays in your house.  The kids only see them twice a year though, since they live in CT.

Happy fifteenth son, I am so proud to have you as my son.  (He doesn't read this so I am not sure why I addressed this as I am talking to him, but now you know)

The Grandfolks' portrait this am. Wasn't sure if I knew how to work a camera still after not taking many photos the better part of a week.

Went out to a Thai restaurant for Bub's birthday last night.  Had a great meal.  At the end we were talking about Bub's as a baby/toddler and how he named his stuffed animals what they were, maybe with an ie at the end, like Bearie, or just lion,monkey ect.  Mags wondered what she named hers and I said couldn't really remember, but my little sister named her baby "Baby Lawrence" when we were kids, anyhow, she laughed so hard a fart blew out which made me laugh and then Bubs, Mags and I laughed for ten minutes and the in-laws thought we were crazy cause maybe they didn't hear the fart or maybe they did and thought we were immature.  Don't you just hate that,what part of that is not funny?
OK I'll grow up.  Someday.
For the second night in a row I had a dream that our family moved to Victor, Colorado.  This town maybe has a thousand people living there.  The first night we were restoring an old victorian to a bar and grill.  Last night, friends had a stone home there and we went on a wagon train with some crazy stuff happening,  I was upset cause I forgot to pack my lunch, gotta have lunch, anyway won't bore you with anymore of that.  Have a good one and I know you fart too.

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