Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nice day

I never sleep good whenever G's out of town. He and Madge went up to the mts. to ATV with the King family and check out the aspen. I'm hanging out at home with Bubba while he recoups. Anyway, I usually sleep with the TV on I wake up in the middle of the night, listening for strange noises ect. and it's never a good sleep. So when my cell phone rang at 9:15 am I really hadn't slept in, but it was the best stretch I 'd had all night. (Just got off the phone with G, they had a great day with a 60 mile ride with the aspens 50% turned(Gore pass). Anyway, it was the Goat Lady wanting to know if there was supposed to be an article with the photo and I said they probably didn't have space. Then she wondered why the photo ran B/W. I wanted to tell her, geez, take what you can get, but I'd be glad to print a photo next week and bring it over so the kids could check out the goats and dogs. She wasn't rude but it was a rude thing to deal with right off the bat.
I cleaned and did laundry then took a ride with Bubs to pick-up my old guitar after it had been at the shop for over a month. I had the nut bridge fixed. (I know what your thinking, its a guitar). Got it home and tuned it up and it sounds pretty good. I initially tuned it up backwards forgetting the string order to Every Acid Dealer Gets Busted Eventually (EADGBE) from top to bottom. I am totally loosing my memory. Last night I had the first deal in poker and dealt backwards. Thats pretty bad when you consider I taught them all how to play.
Couldn't ask for better weather today probably 75 degrees and mild evening. I see it dips in the thirties by Monday night so tomorrow I 'll wash up all my tropicals to bring in for the season. I know my favorite trees, hibiscus,bouganvilla, orange, the ferns and poinsettas are not Colorado natives but they are mine.

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