Sunday, September 20, 2009

Am I a ninja or not?

Yesterday I did little more than nothing. I like things clean so I picked up ect. and then spent some time finding interesting or witty (or both) blogs to follow. I cleaned-up my profile of my own blog, taking out that I am a mother fuckin ninja. I just thought if someone was thinking about reading my ramblings about myself they might not want to read them if I was in fact a ninja, (a mother fuckin one at that), how crude could one be. On the other hand that may be intriguing to a reader. "Oh this seems better than wholesome", "check this out this photographer and housewife is also a big MF ninja" That combined with the fact I've never attacked anyone that I can think of I decided to clean up the language. So a little more than a month of serious blogging and I am having an identity crisis. The truth of the matter is I am more like a mother bear. My daughter even calls me "Bear" as a nickname. I said," great its cause I am so big ". She assured me no, its beacuse I look after my family like a mother who would kill for their safety. I like that. Maybe I'll add that to my profile.
Anyway another sleepless night, woke up to some paid commercial for the biggest country collection re-digitally master for only 4 payments of $39.95. I listened to it for awhile liking some of the songs from the 50s and 60s thinking my Dad would really like it. He's 87 and that would get his giddy-up.
Today is NFL football Sunday, watching Broncos VS Cleveland this afternoon. The Chicago VS whoever game is on a channel we do not get, so I'll put out a shout out in cyber-space to my favorite QB Jay Cutler,GO JAY kick some mid-west football ass today. SHINE today. And you all SHINE today too.


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