Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The meat and potatoes

OK no more cake recipes now for the meat and potatoes. Let me explain the photo first. It was the main photo for a little project I shot and wrote about miniature horses that visit nursing homes. It turned out OK,but this photo totally makes me laugh. Here's a link to the story
Anyway, this bankruptcy of the newspaper is pretty scary stuff. Options available are selling the whole entity or by the property. Either way I may have to apply for my job and I am just so unsure of myself. Haven't thought of what I may do. I may actually have to put out an effort. I am so tired. I know I have talent and haven't worked to my potential in some time so it could be the opening of doors for me. I got to think positive.
Going camping over the Labor Day weekend and looking forward to getting out and carrying on a bit. Some ATVing,playing guitar,playing cards,washers and drinking. Just want it to be happy times.
Tomorrow I will schedule Bubba's surgery. It is out patient and will take a few weeks to heal but should only miss two weeks of school. The kids are both doing well in school and hope for a 4.0. so will not spill the whole bag of beans but there's a few of them..tatata

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