Thursday, July 30, 2009

RIP Leo Henry

    What are the chances in the very same day that I friend a childhood friend on facebook that she e-mails me that our mutual friend's father has died?  She has passed along the phone number of childhood friend that I have not spoken to in over twenty years.  I guess I'll call this week it's the least I could do, he was a big part of my early childhood.
    His name was Leo Henry and was a very funny guy that stirred big pots of tomato sauces or other stews and went Mah hhhaaaaa, like a witch stirring her brew.  He was a big guy and closed one eye when he did this, man I thought he was the bomb.
   The last time I saw him (is that correct Engrish?) We were in Lake Placid for my little sister's wedding and my family felt a little cramped after the wedding rehearsal dinner and decided to go the the American Legion for a drink to unwind.  On the way in to the bar two wild-eyed juveniles were ripping up stakes keeping people off where the were reseeding the legion lawn and my brother Joe said, "What are you doing that for", and a fight ensued that had my brother and my 70-year old father on the ground rolling and I was standing over the ruckus with the lawn stake shouting  every four letter word in the book cause I had a few drinks at the rehearsal dinner so I am yelling,"You mother fuckers you touch touch my dad and I am going to fucking kill you" and then my husband was all involved on the ground,and then the police showed and then a guy comes out from the legion and he said, "Carol Lawrence, IS THAT YOU?, is that you my little Carol?." and it was Leo and after the police settled everything in which the punks were taken into custody we had a drink with Leo but its very blurry because of the  adreneline.. Did I mention nothing like that ever happens to my family we are so peaceful its boring. You should have seen my step-mother look at me after what came out of my mouth that night.  But it was great to see him and I ended up inviting the best friend and her sister to the wedding....that was the last time I saw Leo but not the last time I thought of him....So RIP Leo you were definetly loved.

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  1. Per Judith his funeral was an incredible tribute to her dad. <3


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