Friday, July 31, 2009

days like today can go away

I'll have to say today was a bitch.  First I was on time for an assignment but the girl I was photographing went earlier than scheduled.  She was a local trap shooter at the State Games.  OK dealt with it, shot a portrait.  Then,I saw my reflection in a window when I was out shooting weather downtown and I always can't believe I look like that,that heavy.  Its not how I view myself.  Then to add fuel to the low self-esteem fire, my sister sends pictures on facebook from last year when I was even heavier and she doesn't know what she's doing and tags them with my name so they go on my live friends feed.  I swear to all of my friends I would never put an ugly photo of you on my book and never tag you.  Then If that wasn't enough to push me over the edge when I get home the IRS wants $270 dollars from the stimulus check in 2008 cause they seems to think our tax bracket changed, well fuck me I thought we would not pay any additional taxes cause read my fucking lips we don't make over $250,ooo dollars.  They even had the audacity to charge us interest. Cockbinders. We'll have to look into that. Then two medical bills from Bryce's medical problem and geez time for this day to end.  Everything will get better.  On the upside I ran two miles, the first one under 12 minutes.  Not bad for a fat girl.......

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