Wednesday, September 5, 2012

After the Fire, the Fire Still Burns

Sorry for bringing the fire back up.

 I know I spoke to many folks while my visit to New York and they had a hard time imagining the land after the burn. I went up to the burned neighborhood of Mountain Shadows for a story about debris removal and rebuilding plans in the works a month after the fire. It was surreal and not like anything I've ever witnessed.

This was what I saw looking up to the west from my home to the Cedar Heights neighborhood, Sat. evening, the first day of the Waldo Canyon fire. I they kept this neighborhood from burning is nothing short of a miracle.

A plume from Williams Canyon, Monday, 6/25/12
 Majestic Drive, a month after the fire, 7/26/12

Trevor Lane

 Views from Trevor Lane.

 Ralph Moreman's home on Majestic Drive

 Ralph Moreman thought he found a Christmas ornament while sifting through the rubble

 This lady lives just off Flying W Ranch Rd. Her home didn't burn but she felt a need to water planters growing by  Majestic Drive. She also bought police patrolling the area water and popsicles.

 Brother and sister and fellow upstate New Yorkers, photograph items they try to identify in the rubble,

The daughter was gathering glass pieces to make a mosaic. She was living with her mom and dad while her husband was deployed in Afghanistan.

Majestic Drive. A few houses remained intact at the end of the street. The fire when down it like a flume.

They lived on Vantage View over Majestic Drive. They plan on rebuilding

Kids ride their bikes adjacent to a culvert containing ashen debris from the fire after a rain storm in July.
This fire is a part of the history the city of Colorado Springs and the residents. It certainly doesn't define us, however. There was a real sense of community for the first month or so after. I think it's still there just buried a bit beneath the routines of our lives.

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