Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A visit to New York

    I hadn't been back east for almost three years and since Dad is nearing ninety I figured I better get back to see him before it's at a funeral. He seems to have the longevity genes, so notice I didn't say his funeral.
    The kids and G2 went to CT and then to RI to the one of my favorite places, Newport, but since I knew I was going to western NY, there was no way I could do it all. G2 dropped the kids off above Providence and I met them outside of Boston. The funny thing about that is my sister, the only one I didn't see, lives in Boston. She was cruising the south of France, so good for her.
My sister Mary picked me up in her Ford Escape, along with the kids and my sister Ellen. That's right, five of us in a mid-sized SUV. I was in the backseat with the kids, who incidentally had their laptops opened. After we ate at the Olive Garden, we spent about ten minutes getting out of the parking lot, going in a circle back past the restaurant at least twice. The laughter subsided after we were misguided by an evil GPS to take only dirt roads with no street lights, and after an ass-flattening-seven hours where at times I was very concerned for our safety, we arrived at Mary's son's Vermont home located in BumFucEgypt. I think I may have been more comfortable if I had ridden a camel, but it was way more fun in the car witnessing my sister laughing so hard, too hard, and in fact a diaper would have been in order.

My nephew and his wife were very generous and friendly. My only complaint was there was way to much water in the air, so thick in fact, I had a hard time fitting it up my nose. Not their fault.

Day two, perhaps three and four tomorrow. I am not used to all this writing and I am tired. c.

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