Monday, July 25, 2011

The blind-side and the great kidnap conspiracy

Cookie Monster

What's in a cookie? Well that's a confusing question, just ask my friends Steve and Debbie.

Steve was getting ready for a big day in his prestigious-level job, meeting with various mucky-mucks surrounding a project he was working on. It was a big day.

He decided to eat a few cookies he had found in his wife's car, because she is an equally good citizen and what's in Debbie's car must be a-okay. After dunking the cookies in his coffee, Steve went to shave and shower. As he looked at his face in the mirror it started to distort. He shrugged it off. After a while his perception led him to paranoia, and he felt like he might be having a panic attack. He called out to Debbie. She asked the right question, "What did you eat?"

"A cookie and a half from that baggie in your car."

"Steve, I have no idea where those cookies came from."

 It got worse. He was confused and was wondering if it was PCP or some other evil in the cookies. The meeting was in a half-hour. Calls were made to buy Steve a few hours. Calls were made to their daughter who had used the car earlier in the week. She had visited their son at a mountain resort. Did she know where they came from, what was in them?

Yes, it was determined a friend of their son had baked some pot cookies and it was some pretty good weed. They tossed a few to the daughter as she left, she was apathetic, didn't want them and tossed them under the seat and forgot about them.

Steve finally got it together enough to go into work and make it through the day. He said he finally felt "normal" around 4:00 pm.  Funny enough. Of course we are still laughing at the circumstances.
Editor's note: The names were changed to protect the innocent and the not-so innocent. Also the conversation was paraphrased because I could.

Kidnapping Carlos

This past weekend among other things, some of us in the neighborhood group to a road trip to Craig-a-palooza, a birthday party for a guy we all know as Craig. It's his annual birthday bash and no pictures can do this house justice. I did not bring my camera in the party and that's a shame cause I missed out on some classic photographs, ie,  a large ass, literally speaking, a Jenga game played with foot-long wood pieces and an absolutely beautiful house.
When we were leaving, Char insisted on taking one of the mariachi band cut-outs decorating the place.

This is a ugly cell phone photo of their kitchen. It was beautiful.
 There must of been over 200 people at this party.

"Little D" got us home safe in the Shaggin Wagon. For some reason we were compelled to sing Hot Child in the City to her.

 The Mexican dude is safe with us until Cyn's party Saturday. Then he will be returned to Craig and Stephanie, unharmed.

Because we are very cultured folks, we did have a wine tasting before hitting the road.

The sisters looked pretty refreshed for day two of Cyn's week-long plus birthday party.
Day one Friday night: the crowning of her highness on her 50th birthday

Come to think of it, the grocery store does play some cool music nowadays.

I am backing up a bit here by throwing these two photos in here. I got confused, sorry. It's one of the many hazards of aging. Order of historical facts.

 Iowa friends of Jones and Tamara stopped buy a few weeks ago. We had a raucous time.

  Visited with Bud's folks at their campground. We had a splendid time. Always thinking of Bud Noel.

There's gotta be a part two to this post as it is long and I am tired and confused. Taker, you can call me cal. I meant to write csl but I typed cal twice so it must be.  Cal

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